Higher Living Tea designed by

    2019-10-15 贝意广告 6

    Individually each illustration is well rendered and balanced while containing plenty of detail, a few feel a bit loose in their interpretations of the infusion (vitality, purity and ginger in particul

    Chris Allen designed by Build

    2019-10-15 贝意广告 1

    “A big part of the brief was to up his profile on the web, somewhere he could archive his vast catalogue of music projects. Special considerations were given to iPad/iPhone formatting, and optimisatio

    Paisaje Cultural Cafetero by Jaime Cadavid

    2019-10-15 贝意广告 5

    The printed collaterals make very good use of the mark (in its circular form and as a pattern) in both modern (see the poster) and more traditionally themed applications (see the brochure). There is a

    Def P & Beatbusters by Eric van den Boom

    2019-10-15 贝意广告 8

    Hard op Weg is the latest release from Dutch musicians Def P & Beatbusters. With the launch of this new album comes an overhaul to their identity which included a new word-mark, album artwork and

    Striptind designed by Neue

    2019-10-15 贝意广告 3

    The typography feels like a suitable choice with interesting little flourishes and details across the ‘R’ ‘N’ ‘D’ that contrast well against a bold and simplistic logo-mark and deliver a sense of undu

    Locomotion designed by Colmo

    2019-10-12 贝意广告 8

    Their new identity, designed by Colmo, is a visual blend of mathematical glyphs and emoticons representing Locomotions understanding of consumer behaviour.

    HOP designed by Designworks

    2019-10-12 贝意广告 8

    HOP is an electronic card based ticketing solution introduced by Auckland Transport and developed to simplify payment across all of its public transport services.

    Sophia Georgopoulou

    2019-10-12 贝意广告 9

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